Counselling is a process that focuses on enhancing the psychological well-being of the client, such that the client is then able to reach their full potential.

You can seek Counseling for Relationship Issues, Anger Management, Grief and Loss, Self-Esteem, Suicide, Depression, Trauma and Abuse: sexually, mentally, physically, emotionally related issues.  We use different types of Therapies such as Interactive Drawing Technique, Sand Tray, Play Therapy and others.  We can offer Mediation, Individual, Appropriate information, referrals and family counselling.

You can access this service by referral; usually being self, your doctor, family or Government and non-Government organisations.  The Counseling service is provided for children aged between 2 to 18.  Kambu services people currently living in the area of Ipswich, Goodna, Boonah, Rosewood, Lowood, Toogoolawah, Laidley and Esk.  

Most importantly everything is CONFIDENTIAL, your rights to privacy is respected at all times.  No information will be given out, without your consent.

The aim of this Counselling service is to provide services that are non-discriminatory and easily accessible. We provide counseling, support and advocacy to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and families addressing a broad range of issues.

Offering assistance and ensuring that children and young people receive that best available culturally appropriate advice and services. We also give full support to children and their families, when they are under notification of the Department of Child Safety Services Centers. (Section 6; Child Protection Act 1999).

For more information, please contact our Community Services department on (07) 3810 3000.