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Sarah King

Sarah King


My name is Sarah King, and I was born and raised in and around Brisbane and Ipswich, where I currently reside with my three children.

I spent much of my adult life working in accounts and bookkeeping until 2016 when I finally embarked on my life’s passion to study Nursing.

My passion for Nursing has also positively impacted my son, who is now following my career pathway and studying nursing.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a Practice Nurse position within Kambu Health and am dedicated to closing the health inequality gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

I have had the opportunity to learn and grow within Kambu Health, leading me to the CCSS Program, in which I coordinated the care of patients who are living with chronic disease, optimizing their health outcomes and providing supportive measures to self-manage their chronic issues.

I have since completed Practice Management studies and am new to the role here at Ipswich Clinic.

I have a deep appreciation for the community and will continue working towards improving the health and wellbeing of all Kambu Health families.

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