Social Health

Social health and social wellness are a foundational part of our overall health and wellbeing; and is how we interact and form meaningful relationships with other people, in our family and in our community.

Becoming socially and emotionally well can require a different approach for different people, whether it is social isolation or your mental health, we aim to support you and provide you with the tools to excel.

What can the Kambu Health, Social Health program do for you?

The Kambu Health, Social Health program is a government funded program to help deliver social and emotional support to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adult community of the West Moreton region.

Our deadly Social Health team are committed to providing culturally appropriate and confidential support to our mob through a holistic approach to care offering:

  • Support and strategies to improve wellbeing
  • Assistance and empowering you to working through challenges
  • therapeutic treatment
  • counselling

This support is undertaken through 3 main service modes:

  1. One-on-one basis - for individuals requiring intensive support.
  2. Peer Mentoring – support for those at risk of developing mental illness.
  3. Group basis - including Men’s’ groups, Women’s groups, and Elder’s groups – click here for more information.

We aim to reconnect you with their culture and identity, promote healing and empowerment, as well as equip you with the necessary tools, skills and support to make informed decisions in your life.

Who can access the Social Health program?

Any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person aged 18 years and over within the West Moreton region.

How can I access the Kambu Health, Social Health program?

Yarn with your GP at your local Kambu Health Clinic, they can refer you into the program.

Or click here to download the self-referral form.

If you have accessed community treatment, hospital bed-based or community bed-based services in the local HHS mental health service, you will be prioritised for this service.

When should I ask for help?

If you’re worried about your mental health, you might feel unsure about whether you need professional help to feel better because everyone experiences mental health issues differently, there’s a variety of signs you should look for to work out when to seek help.

There is never a wrong time to seek help.

Making the decision to get help can be hard. You might feel uncomfortable asking for support or worry that your mental health isn’t ‘bad enough’ to bother a professional.

But, when it comes to mental health, there is no wrong time to ask for help.

Is there a cost?

No, the Kambu Health, Social Health program is free.

What is the process? Or How does it work?

Make an appointment with a GP from one of the Kambu Health Clinics

  • Ask for a referral to the Kambu Health Social Health Program
  • At your appointment, explain your story and any problems you are having
  • OR self-refer.

How do I find out more?

You can contact the Kambu Health, Social Health team by or phone: (07) 3810 3000.

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