Core primary health care has provided the opportunity to continue wrap around services with specialists and Allied Health services:


Paediatrician:                          twice a fortnight

Psychiatry:                              once a week

Endocrinology:                        once a month

Cardiology:                             once a month

Dermatology:                          once a month

Audiology:                              once a fortnight

Dietetics:                                once a week

Diabetes Education:              three times a month 

Exercise Physiology:             once a week

Physiotherapy:                       twice a week 

Optometry:                             once a week

Occupational Therapy:          three times a week

Pharmacy:                             ½ day a week

Podiatry:                                three times a fortnight

Speech Pathology:                once a week

Psychology:                           three times a week

Dentistry:                               daily