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  • Health checks for students
    As part of our service, the Kambu Health team offers an annual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Assessment (also referred to as a 715 or a Health Check). These ensure our mob is healthy, looking after themselves and that any health concerns are discussed with a GP as soon as possible.
  • Visiting service
    To ensure the best health outcomes for our children, Kambu Health offers a service conducting Health Checks in primary and secondary schools throughout the Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, and west Moreton regions.
  • Where can we find the health check?
    Students can choose to have a health check at a participating school campus if they haven’t already done so at one of our clinics in the past year.
  • Who can have a school health check?
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in primary and secondary schools throughout the Ipswich, Lockyer Valley and West Moreton regions are eligible to receive a health check.
  • Does Mum, Dad, or someone else need to be at the health check?
    If your child is under the age of 15, a parent/guardian must be available to attend the appointment with your child. If your child is 15 years of age or older, they will be able to attend the appointment by themselves. But if you wish to attend on the day with your child, you will need to advise the school.
  • Who conducts the health check?
    The Health Assessment is conducted by a qualified Health Worker/Nurse and Doctor from Kambu Health.
  • What if we have our own doctor?
    If your family sees a regular GP, you can have this Health Assessment completed by them.
  • Can we have the Kambu Health GP conduct the school health assessment and then go back to our own clinic?
    By consenting to have your child’s health assessment performed by a Kambu Health GP, you are also consenting your intent to use Kambu Health as your usual health provider for your child and you agree to Kambu Health looking after most of their health needs in the next 12 months.
  • What happens during the Health Assessment?
    During the Health Assessment, a qualified Health Worker/Nurse will take your child’s waist, height, and weight measurements, conduct an eye test and take their temperature before they see the doctor.
  • Do we get a copy of the results?
    You should receive a copy of the results within two weeks of the Health Assessment. You will also be advised if your child requires a further follow-up appointment.
  • What if we need a follow-up appointment?
    If your child requires follow-up, a staff member will contact you or you will receive a letter in the mail regarding the need for a follow-up appointment.
  • What happens when the assessment is complete?
    Once the health assessment is completed for your child, you will receive an SMS asking you to give consent for this item number to be billed. You need to reply yes before Kambu Health can bill for the health assessment.
  • You get to choose which Deadly Choices shirt you would like!
    On completion or your school health check, students can choose from a range of Deadly Choices shirt. That will be a Deadly Choice!
  • Is your school interested in being part of the program?
    In line with the Deadly Choices program, IUIH and Kambu Health help coordinate school health checks with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. If your school is interested in being part of this program, contact Kambu Health via our contact us page and we’ll be in touch to discuss.
  • Need to know more?
    To learn more about Kambu Health school health checks, contact the Ipswich clinic on (07) 3810 3000. Kambu Health is committed to providing high quality health care for all our clients and our qualified team can assist with any follow-up appointments and referrals that may be required.
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