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Kambu Health dedicated Aboriginal Health Workers conduct hearing checks either at school or within our clinic facilities!

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The initial screening test is a hearing assessment, which consists of:

  • An Otoscopy (a visual inspection of the ear)

  • An Tympanometry (a test of the middle ear), and

  • An Audiometry Test (listening test)

If any of the above tests are mildly outside of the normal range, then an appointment is immediately made for a 3-month review to see if the conditions causing the hearing problems are short term.

If the tests are well outside of the normal range (or a second test identifies a mild range is still present) then a referral is made to a GP and possibly an Audiologist or ENT specialist for specialised treatment.

Hearing checks are conducted in schools for kids between pre-primary and year seven, every three (3) months.

Hearing check appointments can be made at the clinic or by phoning clinic reception on (07) 3810 3000.

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