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Confirmation of Aboriginality (CoA)

Kambu Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Health (Kambu Health) is a charitable entity funded primarily for the provision of equitable and quality health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Ipswich and west Moreton region.

Kambu Health provides quality health care as a first step through our excellent General Practitioners. Our General Practitioners are available for anyone in the community, you do not have to be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander to access a General Practitioner at Kambu Health.

Kambu Health provides many specialists, allied and dental services and it is these services that are ONLY accessible for Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander people, their partners, and any carers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people. The children of any of the above arrangements are also eligible for all services.

If you are not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and you require additional health care our General Practitioners will make any referrals deemed necessary with options outside of Kambu Health.

There is no reduction in the health services our General Practitioners deliver to non-indigenous clients.

Our staff and our organisation has the right to make an assessment on the identity of any new and existing clients with regards to ensuring there is evidence to confirm someone’s Aboriginality.

If you are asked to provide additional evidence please note that evidence can include;

• A reference from a Board member • A reference from a member • A Confirmation of Aboriginality (CoA) either you have this already or you source one – this is actioned via an Indigenous organisation in the place where you are from. Kambu Health will not provide CoA for persons not from Ipswich • If you do not have evidence and are just beginning your journey of discovering your family history you can contact Link-Up (QLD) – (07 3638 0411 or 1800 200 855) or Link-Up (NSW) – (02 9421 4700 or 1800 624 332) • We are unable to confirm your identity unless there is supporting evidence • For our existing clients and members, this information in 95 percent of cases is already recorded and you will not be required to provide any information

Staff are simply doing their job if they ask you to confirm your identity and or provide supporting evidence, abuse of our staff will not be tolerated and may lead to your appointment being terminated.


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