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National Reconciliation Week, 27 May - 3 June 2023

The National Reconciliation Week 2023 theme, “Be a voice for generations” calls on all Australians to act today to tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation.

Generations of Australians have fought hard for meaningful change, but more effort is needed to create a just, equitable and reconciled Australia.

Reconciliation is all about building a better nation. A more united Australia that respects and takes pride in 65,000 years of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, stories and achievements.

An Australia that believes in the right of First Nations peoples to make decisions about their lives and their communities. An Australia that stands opposed to racism, inequity and injustice.

To be a voice for reconciliation today means the start of real change tomorrow. It means amplifying the calls of past generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that have fought hard and paved the way.

And it means using your power, your words and your vote to create a better, more just Australia for all of us.

You can find more information on National Reconciliation Week 2023 HERE:


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