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Cervical Cancer Awareness Week, November 2023

This Cervical Cancer Awareness Week, learn how to protect yourself and others against human papillomavirus (HPV).

Nearly all cervical cancers are caused by (HPV), it’s super common – there’s a 90% chance of getting HPV once in your life. Our immune system usually clears HPV without treatment, but if it does stick around, it can cause cell changes, which can lead to cancer in some cases.

This is why us women, and people with a cervix, need a regular Cervical Screening Test (CST), even if you have:

• had the HPV vaccine

• only had one sexual partner

• not being sexually active for a long time

• been through menopause

• been in a long-term relationship with only one person

Starting from age 25, you will need a swab every five years until you’re 74. Have a yarn with your GP at Kambu Health. They will yarn you through your options, including doing your own swab.


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