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Dental Health Week, 1 - 7 August 2022

Tooth be told, we would love to see you!

It is recommended that you visit the Dentist at least every six (6) to twelve (12) months for check-ups and preventative treatment.

We invite you to access our Kambu Health dental service if you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or if you are a direct family member of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person,

AND you are a regular client at one of our primary health care clinics.

Dentists and Oral Health Therapist services provided:

  • emergency treatment for toothache, trauma, and wisdom teeth

  • routine dental check-ups and screening

  • fillings

  • extractions

  • root canal treatment

  • wisdom teeth extractions

  • dentures and crowns (referral)

  • mouthguards and splints (referral)

  • specialist referrals

  • scaling and cleaning with oral health promotion

  • regular recalls and follow up

There are no fees for general dental care provided the eligibility criteria is met. Treatment is provided to most children via the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. Aged pensioners and concession cardholders may be eligible for free acrylic dentures (referral to Woolloongabba Dental Clinic). Fees do apply for laboratory work, e.g., mouthguards, denture, and crown work (referral to Woolloongabba Dental Clinic)

No referral is needed for Kambu Health clients so, to make an appointment contact Kambu Health Ipswich Clinic - PH 3810 3000


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