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Ipswich Clinic, Murri Carnival 2023 Participants 715 Health Checks!

What an amazing turnout last Saturday, 9 September 2023, at Kambu Health Ipswich Clinic for our QMC 715 Health Check Day, dedicated to the health and well-being of 20 of our deadly QLD Murri Carnival 2023 participants! 🌿🏉

A huge shoutout to all the Mob who participated, demonstrating their commitment to self-care and overall wellness. Your dedication is truly inspiring! ✨

Our devoted team at Kambu Health Ipswich Clinic provided comprehensive 715 health assessments and yarned about health, ensuring each client received personalised care and support. 🩺

As we continue our journey through to Murri Carnival 2023 starting Friday 22 September 2023, let's keep our health at the forefront. A healthy body and mind are your best assets, both on and off the field! ❤️


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