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Kambu Amaroo Kindergarten Visit, Child Protection Week 2023

Senior Constable Sheedy and Senior Constable Dowell visited the children of Kambu Amaroo to launch Child Protection Week to share some important messages about how we can keep ourselves and our friends safe.

They talked about rules and how following rules keep us safe and how it is our responsibility to look after each other.

The children were read a story about feeling scared and how it is OK to feel scared sometimes as that feeling is our body warning us to seek help from the important grown ups in our lives who we can talk to when we don’t feel safe.

The highlight of the visit was when the Senior Constables were leaving, they sounded their sirens and turned on their red and blue flashing lights.

Later this week the Children and Family (CFC) Education Transition Team will be at Kambu Amaroo with muffins and juice to talk to families about how they can talk to their children about personal safety.


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