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Kambu Amaroo Long Day Care Centre and Kindergarten UPDATE

Kambu Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander Corporation for Health (Kambu Health) takes this opportunity to inform all our members, patients, and clients that Kambu Amaroo Long Day Care Centre and Kindergarten are entering into new arrangements with additional changes in 2024. Kambu Amaroo Kindergarten will cease operations in 2024 as a stand-alone facility.

Kambu Amaroo Long Day Care Centre will increase places from 45 to 70 and have a dedicated Kindergarten program within the Long Day Care Centre.

Additionally, Kambu Health has engaged the services of Ernstell.

Who are Ernstell? They are an organisation specialising in Childcare management who are working with Kambu Health Board and senior management and Board in developing a healthy and financially stable operation, one that has quality staff, excellent facilities, a service family and their jarjums want to attend.

After many years of Directors coming and ging the decision was made to get the advice of industry experts, so the Kambu Health Board and senior management can understand what we need to do to ensure we deliver the absolute best service for our jarjums in Ipswich.

There are NO changes in arrangements for staff, and Kambu Health remains the owner of the facility, this arrangement of the daily operational management being under Ernstall is temporary.

We encourage all families utilising this service to get to know our new Director, Ms Melissa Layet and tell her about your experiences to date and what you think will improve our centre.


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