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Kambu Health's Annual Staff Appreciation Breakfast and Awards 2023

This year's celebration was a remarkable gathering, bringing together the organisation's dedicated employees to recognize their unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence.

The event was held in the spirit of gratitude and recognition, with a sumptuous breakfast and a series of awards, honouring staff who have made significant contributions this year.

The awards were divided into several categories, each representing a distinct aspect of excellence within the organisation.

The winners in each category were as follows:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Member of the Year 2023

Terry Strangways and Laura Seru

Terry and Laura were honored as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Members of the Year 2023, highlighting their remarkable contributions and commitment to Kambu Health's mission of providing exception healthcare services to our community in Ipswich and West Moreton.

Most Improved Staff Member/s

Sian McQueen and Ronnella Onyeajum

The Most Improved category recognised employees who have demonstrated outstanding growth and development within the organization. Their commitment to continuous improvement is truly commendable.

Clinical Staff Member/s

Dr. Lindsay Davidson and Breanne Chapman

The Clinical Staff Member award celebrated the hard work and dedication of those on the front lines of healthcare. Dr. Lindsay and Breanne have consistently delivered high-quality care and support to Kambu Health's patients.

Administration Staff Member/s

Viviene Naylon and Grace Chong

In the Administration Staff Member category, Viviene and Grace were honored for their exceptional contributions behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth operation of the organization.

Excellence in Leadership

Karah Mackenzie and Kym Monzari

The Leadership award acknowledged the profound impact of Kym and Karah, who have demonstrated strong leadership skills, guiding their teams towards success.

Peer of the Year

Stacee Caton and Grace Mani

The Peer of the Year award celebrated the importance of teamwork and collaboration at Kambu Health. Stacee and Grace have exemplified the spirit of cooperation, making a significant difference in their respective roles


CEO Award

Ian Powles, Tamika Muller, Abby Arthur, and Haydn Struckett.

The CEO Award was presented to Ian, Abby, Tamika, and Hayden as these individuals have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to Kambu Health's mission and values, consistently going above and beyond in their efforts to improve the lives of those they serve.

The Annual Staff Appreciation Breakfast and Awards at Kambu Health serves as a poignant reminder of the incredible dedication and passion of all Kambu Health employees.

As we gathered to celebrate excellence, it was clear that the spirit of teamwork, continuous improvement, and a commitment to providing top-notch healthcare services is deeply embedded in the Kambu Health culture.

The event not only acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the award winners but also served as a source of inspiration for all Kambu Health employees to strive for greatness in their roles.

It is through the collective effort of individuals like these that Kambu Health continues to be a beacon of hope and health in the community.

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