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Movember Success at Kambu Health Ipswich Clinic: Men’s Health, Surprise Visit, Unforgettable Moments

Looking back at #Movember 2023 held at Kambu Health Ipswich Clinic on Friday 10 November, the event exceeded all expectations for all the mob who attended.

In addition to the anticipated highlights of yummy burgers, free haircuts, and yarns, the day brought a surprise visit from rugby league legend and Deadly Choices Ambassador Willie Tonga and added an extra layer of excitement to an already vibrant atmosphere.

Willie Tonga's arrival was met with excitement and applause, enhancing the #Movember spirit with his charisma and dedication to men's health.

His presence not only elevated the event but also underscored the importance of the cause, encouraging attendees to actively engage in their health journeys.

Dr. Marjad Page yarned about men’s health alongside Willie Tonga, emphasizing the significance of proactive health measures. The combination of medical expertise and personal experience provided valuable insights, encouraging our fullas to take charge of their wellbeing.

In a remarkable showcase of culture, #Movember featured the talents of local male students from the Bremer State High Didgeridoo Program. Their deadly performances, including dance, song, and traditional didgeridoo playing, brought a unique cultural element to the event.

The fusion of generations became even more pronounced as young fullas and Elders bonded over shared experiences that underscored the importance of unity in promoting men's health awareness.

As the day ended, the sense of community spirit lingered, echoing through shared laughter and newfound connections.

#Movember not only celebrated facial hair and men’s health but also fostered a deeper sense of community and mutual support among our mob.

As we reflect on the success of Movember, we extend our gratitude to the community for their enthusiastic participation. Willie Tonga for his surprise visit, Dr. Marjad Page, Bremer State High School Didgeridoo Program, and all our patients, clients, members, and staff! Your attendance made this event truly exceptional.

Here's to more events that continue to unite and celebrate our community, raise men's health awareness, and leave a lasting impact on all who participate.


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