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Queensland Health, Women and Girls Health Strategy

Do you want a say on the future of health and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and girls in Queensland?

Queensland Health is developing a Queensland Women and Girls Health Strategy and is calling on women across the state to share their experience and provide their views.

The new Strategy will aim to address health inequity and improve accessibility to healthcare for women and girls living in Queensland.

Australian women experience different health outcomes than Australian men. They typically live longer but are more likely to experience more years with disability and are likely to have multiple chronic conditions. They also make up a higher proportion of preventable hospital admissions.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women often experience different health outcomes to non-Indigenous women and are more likely to experience chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. This is why it is so important for our voices to be heard and included in the Strategy.

The focus areas of the Strategy will include:

- women from diverse backgrounds (First Nations, disabilities, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, LGBTIQ+ individuals and women who have been to prison)

- health access in remote and rural communities

- mental wellbeing services

- family planning and sexual health

- chronic health condition management.

Your input will be critical for developing a health strategy that will deliver better health and wellbeing for you and your mob.

To have your say, you can send your written feedback to or complete the short online survey HERE

The survey only takes 15 minutes and is open until 19 October.


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