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Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Immunisation

A new RSV immunisation has been approved for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies up to 8 months old and will be available soon at Kambu Health. Stay tuned to our socials for more information!

A free Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) immunisation program will be available next month for eligible infants and young children.

RSV is a common, highly infectious virus that can lead to bronchiolitis and pneumonia, and may trigger symptoms in children with asthma.

It is the most common cause of infants and young children being admitted to hospital, with almost all children catching RSV at least once before they turn 2.

While RSV can infect people of all ages, infants and young children are most at risk of contracting the disease and developing serious illness.

Eligible infants and young children include:

💜 all newborn babies (at birth)

💜 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander infants less than 8 months of age

💜 infants who have complex medical conditions less than 8 months of age, and

💜 infants and young children 8 to 19 months with complex medical conditions which place them at substantially increased risk of severe RSV disease (complex medical conditions are subject to a pre-determined list of conditions).

For more information about the free RSV immunisation program visit:


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