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Starting Prep in 2024?

During October the Ipswich Children and Family (CFC) Transition Team visited Kambu Amaroo Long Day Care and Kindergarten to promote the transition to Prep 2024.

Our deadly CFC team warmly welcomed families with muffins, fruits, and water to kick-start their day and emphasized the importance of preparing for school next year.

The children had a fun activity where they located their names and placed their school emblem alongside.

Parents and carers were provided with helpful resources, including transition tips, a school lunch box planner, and a checklist to get ready for school.

Additionally, we held a free raffle, and the lucky winner received a book pack and a healthy snack pack box.

Tips from the Ipswich Children and Family Transition team:

- Enrol your child into school as soon as possible.

- Attend the school's orientation programs.

- Pack a nutritious lunch for school.

- Support your child in learning to tie their shoelaces.

- Engage in conversations with your child about their upcoming school journey.

Reach out to our CFC team today by calling: (07) 3810 3010


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