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Trae Trae at Ipswich Children and Family Centre (CFC)!

Step into the vibrant world of Trae Trae!

Trae Allen, taking a lead in First Nations culture, Trae Trae takes children on an exhilarating journey of dance, storytelling, and creativity.

As Trae Trae introduces himself, his face and arms come alive with traditional paint, and he eagerly offers to share the experience with the young audience.

But it's dance that steals the spotlight in Trae Trae's show.

With each mesmerizing movement, he transports children into the world of animals, weaving captivating stories before inviting everyone to join in the fun.

From hopping like kangaroos to stretching up high like emus, or even wriggling through imaginary waters as slippery eels, Trae's energy and enthusiasm are contagious.


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