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UPDATE - Ipswich Pop Up Vax Clinic, Saturday 6 May 2023

Kambu Health is absolutely thrilled to share the success of our POP-UP VAX CLINIC held last Saturday, 6 May, 2023, organised to cater to our deadly Ipswich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mob!

Mob health and well-being matter to us, which is why we offered a FREE flu and/or COVID-19 pop-up vax clinic.

We wanted to make the experience unforgettable and enjoyable, so anyone who received their vax was treated to a mouth-watering BBQ sausage sizzle and a refreshing beverage.

And that's not all!

Everyone who got vaxxed received a FREE Deadly Choices beanie, ensuring mob stay warm and stylish throughout Winter this year.

We extend our thanks to each and everyone of you who joined us and contributed to the immense success of this event.

Your commitment to your well-being and the well-being of your community is truly inspiring!

Remember, by getting vaccinated, you're not only safeguarding your own health but also creating a safer environment for all. Let's stand together and face this Winter season stronger than ever!

Book your vax today!!


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