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World Asthma Day, 7 May 2024

On World Asthma Day, we’re sharing some tips to help you manage your asthma better.

Signs ⛔️ Coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing are signs your asthma isn’t under control. If your symptoms are getting worse, follow the recommendations from your GP, and use a reliever inhaler, preferably with a spacer.

Triggers 💨 Asthma triggers include smoke, pollen, change in seasons, fur, feathers, and strong perfume. Try to avoid what affects you and if you can’t, make sure your reliever is handy.

Treatment 💊 Inhalers are the safest treatment for asthma. It’s best to use the reliever inhaler when you have symptoms. It improves airflow in and out of your lungs. A steroid or preventer inhaler reduces lung inflammation and is part of long-term asthma treatment. It will improve your symptoms and reduce the risk of a severe attack. It’s like a force field for your lungs!

Using a spacer can help more medicine reach your lungs, making your inhaler work better.

Yarn with your GP or pharmacist about medicines and how best to use them.

Make sure your friends and family know what to do if your asthma is no good.


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