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Young Men's Group 2023

Our local young men have had the opportunity to engage in a four (4) week program led by Sloane Stallan and Rhan Hooper.

Facilitated by Family Wellbeing Service, Laidley the program has included both Laidley and Ipswich.

The program has centred around imparting basic cooking skills and the artistry of crafting their personalised didgeridoos.

The emphasis on cultural enrichment, coupled with the fostering of interpersonal relationships, has been a rewarding experience for our young participants.

We eagerly anticipate observing the ongoing growth and positive impact stemming from their

involvement. This program support our young men to be strong and deadly in their culture.

We also have a Men's Group 2024 running so please reach out to Family Wellbeing Service by calling: (07) 5465 3353

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