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Ishita Sapara

Ishita Sapara


Hi, my name is Ishita Sapara. I am originally from India, moved to Australia five (5) years ago to pursue a Master of Advanced Health Services Management while holding a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from India.

I am honoured to have recently joined Kambu Health as the Director, Governance, Risk and Compliance.

I am thrilled to apply my skillset and knowledge in Kambu Health. I am a passionate individual with a vision to make an impact on the health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

“Being a leader doesn't require a title and having a title doesn't make you a leader. I believe, we become leaders the day we decide to help people and bring out the best in them, so collectively we all can serve our community better and achieve our mission as an organisation.” I aspire to live by these words.

Outside of work, I enjoy doing Pilates, yoga as well as reading.

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