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School Health Checks

We recently received some feedback regarding waiting times regarding a Health Check.

"Over 2 hours wait for 2 school age children to be seen by doctors for health check, they should be in school not sitting in a waiting room."

Our CEO has replied:

Good afternoon I note the complaint received and offer the following.

Kambu Health offers school-based health checks for our First Nation students and we do this to ensure our mob are getting the best health care possible.

School Health checks require a significant commitment from all parties, Kambu Healths clinical personnel, the school, the parents and carers and the students themselves.

We try and minimise the disruption to the students, however in some instances we need to take the time required to ensure an optimum outcome for the young person.

The students are only seen with the approval of parents and or their guardian / carer.

If parents are not happy with the time it takes to complete a thorough health check, you can opt out at any time, the decision to participate is totally up to the parties involved.

Kambu Health stands by the quality of the health checks we deliver and the time it takes to complete same.

It is never our intention to have young people out of class for any longer than necessary.


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