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Jill Davidson

Jill Davidson


My name is Jill Davidson. I am on the Kambu Health board is because I am a direct descendant from the Ipswich Yuggera tribal area and a respected Elder of the Ipswich community. I have been an instrumental part of the start-up of the Kambu Medical Centre. I am dedicated to ensuring that our people have first class culturally respectful services provided to them at no or low costs. 

Our people have a lower life expectancy than the average Australian so it is paramount that we ensure we have the best services to provide to our people so we can ensure that they have a healthy long life. We still have a long way to go to close the gap however if we continue to listen to our community and Elders, we may learn some valuable lessons along the way. I also want to ensure that I continue to represent our grassroot peoples in the Ipswich areas.

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