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Ipswich Children and Family Centre (CFC) Fun Day, March 2024

On Monday 25 March 2024 families of children aged 0-8 years came together to celebrate the Ipswich Children and Family Centre (CFC) Fun Day at the Ipswich Turf Club.

Our regular CFC Fun Days provide the opportunity for families to enjoy activities and access staff from Kambu Health Education Services to learn more about what our programs deliver to the Ipswich and west Moreton community.

The Fun Day was an expo of Ipswich services who aid families of young children to access health, education, disability support, and more.

The police liaison officer brought a team of volunteer police in to meet the youngest members of our Kambu Health community and share all the ways they help the community to be safe.

The highlight of the day was the interactive dance performance by the Yuggera Dancers backed by didgeridoo playing. Children and parents/carers were invited to join Yuggera Dancers. They all formed a line and created a brown snake together at the end of the performance.

Many new families attended and registered with CFC. We look forward to seeing them at one of our many holiday programs, playgroups, and parent workshops throughout the school term and beyond.

The Kambu Health Children and Family Centre is here to support all parents/carers of children aged 0-8 years; so make contact today PH: 3810 3010 and get involved we would be so very pleased to have you join our programs.


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