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Kambu Health 2024 Men’s Retreat

The Kambu Health 2024 Men’s Retreat at Kokoda Park over the weekend, was a terrific success.  Our men engaged in loads of activities aimed at cultural immersion and personal growth.


The activities included welcome rituals, hands-on artistic endeavours such as painting (emu eggs included), woodwork, and Didgeridoo playing and making.   


There was participation in problem-solving, team building, and archery activities to foster strong relationships with each other, this included the distribution of domestic violence materials and discussion on culture and connection to country and what this means.  Our fullas watched the footy together and generally had a solid weekend of bonding through yarning circles, and ending the shame around men talking about their social and emotional wellbeing.  All while eating some great tukka at breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner!!


Kambu Health’s First Nation General Practitioner, Dr Marjad Page delivered health checks.


What did our participants say about the weekend, ‘Make it Longer!.’


Big thanks to everyone who joined the Kambu Health 2024 Men’s Retreat!


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