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Kambu Health Social Health Groups, new venue 2023

Attention all social butterflies! 🦋 🦋 🦋

We're excited to announce new dates and a new venue for our social groups including our Elder's Group, our Men’s Group, and our Women’s Group!

Don't miss out on the chance to yarn and have a great time! Tag your mob and spread the word. Refreshments provided. See you there! 😃

Here's a rundown of the upcoming schedule:

  • Friday – 24 March – Women’s Group – then every 2nd Friday <br />(except school holidays)

  • Friday – 31 March – Men’s Group – then every 2nd Friday <br />(except school holidays)

  • Monday - 17 April - Elder's Group - then every 2nd Monday<br />(except school holidays)

  • Kambu Health, Jacaranda Room, 27 Roderick Street Ipswich. PH: 3810 3000 (option 4) for more information or to book transport.


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